Glamorous Frames for Photoshop

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Here are 20+ beautiful frames for decorating your photos. The frames are in PNG format. You can download the zip file from Google Drive.

A Chocolate Gift

chocolate gift preview
A Chocolate Gift Frame Preview

Stylish Pearls

stylish pearl photoshop frame preview
Stylish Pearls Frame Preview

Purple Silk

purple silk preview
Purple Silk Frame Preview

Shades of Wine

shades of wine preview
Shades of Wine Frame Preview

Black Roses

black roses preview
Black Roses Frame Preview

Simple & Elegant

simple and elegant preview
Simple & Elegant Frame Preview

Lovely Lavender

lovely lavender preview
Lovely Lavender Frame Preview

Floral Queen

floral queen preview
Floral Queen Frame Preview

Rose Garden

rose garden preview
Rose Garden Frame Preview

Charming Roses

charming rose preview
Charming Roses Frame Preview

Fall Flowers

fall flowers preview
Fall Flowers Frame Preview

Flowery Dreams

flowery dreams preview
Flowery Dreams Frame Preview

Pinkish Dreams

pinkish dreams preview
Pinkish Dreams Frame Preview

Flower Garden

flower garden preview
Flower Garden Frame Preview

Cabbage Queen

cabbage flowers preview
Cabbage Flowers Frame Preview

Purple Stacked Frame Preview

violet silk stacked frame_preview
Wine-Red Stacked Frame Preview

Magenta Stacked Frame Preview

designer cutouts preview
Designer Cutouts Preview

rose cutouts preview
Rose Cutouts Preview

decor cutouts preview
Decor Cutouts Preview

embroidery frames preview
Embroidery Frames Preview

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  1. This is really very beautiful. Thanks Anjana for this really beautiful post. I am looking to decorate my friend’s wedding set who's getting married in one of the most beautiful LA venues and this seems like a nice addition. Nicely done!