25 Jun 2013

Blio - A Bookshelf for Your Computer!

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Blio book library

Blio is a free to download e-book reader with stunning graphical user interface. The first step to use Blio is creating an account using your email address and password. Once you create the account you can view the Book Library. A few sample books are available with the download. Blio has a built-in online bookstore. Free e-books are also available for download. You can buy the books directly from the application. 

Blio Bookmark
Blio supports XPS, PDF and Epub file formats. It uses the Text To Speech (TTS) native to the device it is on. For Windows, Microsoft Anna is the default voice. Windows supported, 3rd party TTS voices will work with Blio. Blio also offers note taking, highlighting, bookmark pages and a variety of transitions; you can curl or slide the book pages. 

Download Blio Here

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