25 Jun 2013

Colored Glass Boxes

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gadget box preview
Here is a pack of cool looking glass boxes. This can be used for web design as Gadget backgrounds.
Format: PNG
Right click and save
gadget box-black by anjana @anjanadesigns
gadget box-green by anjana @anjanadesigns
gadget box-pink by anjana @anjanadesigns
gadget box-purple by anjana @anjanadesigns
gadget box-yellow by anjana @anjanadesigns
colorful labels by anjana @anjanadesigns
Here a PNG file with transparent background. Included in the file are are 28 little text boxes.
It would be useful for web designing.
Right click and Save.


  1. Fab work... Mam, you never know what abig help your png file gave me.
    Thank you very much.....


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