1 Jul 2013

Desktop Icon Toy - Use Your Desktop with Pleasure!

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Desktop Icon Toy is a desktop icon enhancement tool, which allows you to change the way your icons are organized on the desktop. It is fully compatible with Windows 8. 

You can arrange your desktop icons into Clock, Stars, Hearts, Ellipse, Spiral, and Circle and many other shapes. Of course, you can align desktop icons to the left, right, top or bottom. Desktop Icon Toy can save desktop icon layout for different screen resolutions, and it will automatically re-position and restore the proper layout when the screen resolution has been changed. With this cool application you can make your desktop icons dance!! You can also remove the icon texts or show/hide the desktop icons. Whether you want to change the desktop icon size or want to lock them; Desktop Icon Toy is perfect for you.

Desktop Icon Toy
Desktop Icon Toy
Desktop Icon Toy
various shapes
You can download the free version of  Desktop Icon Toy Here

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