29 Jul 2013

How to Create a Photoshop Style (ASL)

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Here I'm telling you about creating a Style using color. Let me tell you that this is only a basic step.

Create a new document in Photoshop. Here I'm using a document with 500x500 resolution. Using the Paint Bucket Tool fill the document with your favorite color. (Select your favorite color from the Color Palette and use the Paint Bucket Tool on the document). Now go to the Layers Palette. Right click on the Background Layer and select Layer From Background and click OK. As you could see, the layer 'Background' has been changed to 'Layer 0'. 

Photoshop Layer Palette

Right click on Layer 0 and select Blending Options.

Photoshop Blending Options

Now style the layer by combining different blending options like Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Stroke, Bevel and Emboss, Color Overlay, Pattern Overlay, Gradient Overlay and Satin. You can also change the Opacity and Blend Modes. Do whatever your imagination decides.

Preview of the New Style

Look at the above picture. We have started with a yellow-colored document, and after applying the blending options, we got the above one. Now you can save this combination as a new style. To save this new style simply click on the 'New Style' button, give a name for the new style and click OK. 

How to save the file as .asl for future use?

Click on the Edit Menu and select Preset Manager. Select Styles from the drop down menu.

Preset Manager - Styles

Now select the new style(s) and click 'Save Set'. (Press the Ctrl Key to select more than one item). You can now share the new ASL file with your friends. Enjoy!

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