5 Jul 2013

How to Insert Your Photo into a Frame Template

On In


How to use the Frames:

1. Open the Frame with Photoshop (The frame should be a .psd or .png file)

png template

2. Now open the Picture you want to insert.

your photo

3. Using the Move Tool drag the picture onto the Frame.

frame template with your photo

4. Click Layer > Arrange > Send Backward.

send backward

5. You can see that now the Picture is inside the Frame. You can adjust the Picture to the Frame size (Use the Free Transform Tool or Press Ctrl + T).

your photo in the frame

6. You are done! Now save the File as PSD (or merge the layers and save as jpg).


  1. Hi Anjana...

    I am a teacher who makes worksheets for my children.I am very impressed by others worksheets.

    Can you advice me how to make, my own worksheets,I just use paint/M words



    1. I'm sorry, Nilangi, but what do you mean by a 'worksheet'?


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