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24 Jul 2013

Best Antivirus Software

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Updated on 29 Jul

As we all know, there are lots of antivirus softwares; paid as well as free ones. McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, AVG, Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials and the list goes on. The main components of antivirus programs are Virus Scanner, Firewall and Antispam. This could give an overall protection for your computer. You may need to purchase an Internet Security software if you need the additional features like Firewall and Antispam.

Virus Scanner: An antivirus softwares gives real time protection against malwares, which scans your files for virus when they are opened, saved and run. Some virus codes becomes active only after a computer restart. So you should do manual scans as well. 

Firewall Protection: A firewall blocks hackers and other intruders from accessing your system when you are connected to the Internet. It control the information sent to and from your PC. You can set program permissions to determine which programs can access the Internet, and which type of access they have. You can allow programs to have full access, outgoing-only access, or no access at all.

Norton Firewall

Antispam: If you are using Outlook Express like e-mail clients, it is possible to get spam mails. So you may need an antispam protection. AntiSpam filters out unwanted emails and move them into a separate folder.

Can I install multiple antivirus programs on my PC: It is not recommended to install multiple antivirus programs at the same time. It wont give your computer any additional protection instead they will make conflicts with each other and your system will be vulnerable to threats. 

Do I need to remove the current antivirus program before installing a new one: If you want to try a different antivirus remove the existing one and install the new one after rebooting your computer.

Which antivirus program should I use: It can be confusing that which antivirus program you should choose. All antivirus software performs the same function. Always remember that every system is unique. So find out one that is easy for you to use. Before purchasing a subscription, you can try it by installing a 30-day trial version. Make sure to enable the antivirus automatic updates.

How did my computer get infected when I have antivirus program installedNo antivirus program is perfect. There will be new types of threats that are released before any security software vendor is aware of them. There is usually a 24-72 hours of vulnerability when a new type of threat is released. During this time, security software vendors must learn about the threat, perform investigation, and then release updates to remove the threat. 

Security tips:

Do not open email attachments from an unknown, suspicious, or untrustworthy source.
Back up your files frequently.
Be cautious while downloading files from the Internet.
Update your Windows, browsers and e-mail program regularly
Use a non-administrator account for browsing the internet.
Check your accounts and credit reports regularly.



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