30 Jul 2013

PNG Frames: Beauty Kit

On In


Today I bring you a gorgeous kit with beauties! These are frame templates without a background. To follow are 8 PNG landscape frame templates. Please scroll down to see the beauties. Right click and save. 

a fairy tale frame by anjana @anjanadesigns
A Fairy Tale
dreaming in pink frame by anjana @anjanadesigns
Dreaming in Pink
goddess of light frame by anjana @anjanadesigns
Goddess of Light
brilliant holiday frame by anjana @anjanadesigns
Brilliant Holiday
cute fairy frame by anjana @anjanadesigns
Cute Fairy
like a dream frame by anjana @anjanadesigns
Like A Dream
strawberry garden frame by anjana @anjanadesigns
In the Strawberry Garden
wonderful green world frame by anjana @anjanadesigns
A Wonderful Green World


  1. Gorgeous frames!!!!

  2. Beautiful,congratulation,blessing.♥♥

  3. I love your frames Anjana!!! Would love to see some more :)

  4. Back again Anjana to see if you added more frames. I absolutely love them, especially the cookie poser tube fairies. They're so adorable & the frames you put them in fit perfect with the fairies. BTW, I google searched Anjana Designs & found tons of your frames. Tysvvm for making them :)