17 Jul 2013

Simple Steps to Design Your Blogger Blog: For Beginners

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Create a New Blog

Creating a Blogger BlogGo to www.blogger.com and sign in with your Google username and password. Click 'New Blog'. You will get the above window. Type a unique address and title for your blog and select a template. You can browse many more templates and customize your blog later.

template-anjana designs

Design & LayoutSo, we have created a blog. Now we can customize it. For that, click on the little drop down arrow next to your blog name. Click Template. Now click Customise.

blogger template designer-anjana designs

Click on the 'Templates' tab under the Blogger Template Designer. Many beautiful templates are available. Select each template and look at the preview below. After selecting one of the templates click 'Apply to Blog'. Now click the tab named 'Background'. Here you can see the background colors associated with the selected template. You may want to use a custom image as your blog background so that your blog will be unique. 
upload an image-anjana designs

You will get the above window when you click on the little arrow next to the background picture. Select an image (not more than 300KB in size) and upload it. Ready-made backgrounds are also available. After setting your new blog background go to the 'Advanced' tab.

blog customisation-anjana designs

Customize the font color, background, font size etc. Click 'Apply to Blog' once you have done. Click 'Back to Blogger' and select 'Layout'.

layout-anjana designs

Click 'Add a Gadget' and add the gadgets you want. You can also rearrange the Gadgets by dragging them to the desired location. 

Creating Your First Post:

Creating a Post

Customize the post body as you wish. You can change the text-color, font-style, font-size etc to look your posts more attractive.

Test Your Blog Using Different BrowsersWhen your blog is ready, submit it to Google at www.google.com/submityourcontent. Once you've created your blog design, you should check your blog's appearance on multiple browsers. Your blog may appear differently using different browsers. (Your blog may look different in different versions of the same browser!) 

Your Own PageviewsGo to your Blogger dashboard and click Overview. You will see the 'Pageviews'. Tell Blogger that do not track down your own pageviews. You should repeat the above step with every browser you are using.

blog stats-anjana designs
my pageviews-anjana designs

Uploading RAR/ZIP Files to BloggerIt is not possible to upload files other than image and video files to Blogger. We should have to use other file sharing websites to share RAR and ZIP files. So I have been using 4Shared service to store my files. Nowadays it is really difficult to download files from 4Shared as we need to create an account in order to download  files. I chose 4Shared since I have confirmed with their support that if we use our 4Shared account regularly, we will be able to save the files as long as we wish. And all your files will be deleted in case if you do not login for 180 days. 

Cloud Storage Services


NovafileAt last I found one good Cloud Storage Service, called Novafile. I could not find any annoying pop ups or advertisements on their site even though I went there as an unregistered user. The only drawback is the waiting time for free download, which is 90 seconds. In short, Novafile is a simple site which loads fast. Happy Blogging!

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