5 Aug 2013

Spam Blog Traffic

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Spam Blog Traffic
Recently I noticed that I'm getting  a good amount of traffic from sites like thetaoofbadass, r-e-f-e-r-e-r, flf-course, adsensewatchdog, vampirestat, etc. I have also noticed that I am getting page views the moment I publish a new post. I was just wondering, how this happens! Even I clicked on one of those links.  Then only I came to know that it was a spam site.

If you have a blog you also might be getting traffic from these spam sites. Naturally we will click on those links. That is what the spammers want. That is how the spammers are generating traffic to their sites. There is no way to block them via Blogger. So do not click on those links.

Blogger Dashboard > Overview > More Stats > Traffic Sources
You can see the spam links under Referring URLs as well as under Referring Sites. 

One more thing I want to share with you is that these spam sites do not appear in the Google Analytics data or under the 'Google Webmaster Tools > Links to Your Site' list :)

adsensewatchdog is not something related to Google Adsense

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