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17 Feb 2014

Blogger Tips

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blogger tips by flowers of indus valley
Hello dear Blogger users, here are some tips which may be useful for customizing your Blogspot Blog:

How to find the default CSS of Blogger widgets:

Type your Blog's URL in a browser. Right click anywhere and select 'view page source'. The page source will be opened in a new tab of your browser. Press Ctrl +F and search for 'widget_css_2_bundle.css'. You will get something like this:


How to show Show Author Profile below post:

Go to Layout → Blog Posts → Edit and change the text next to the field 'Post page link text:' Put the check mark next to 'Show Author Profile below post'. How to select your Blog Readers:

Go to Settings → Basic → Permissions → Blog Readers. Select Public, Private - Only blog authors or Private - Only these readers (You can restrict your blog to only readers that you choose. However, these readers will need to log in before reading your blog. That's called Invite only blogs). Click Add Readers and type their email Ids.

How to change the Favicon:

From your Blog's Dashboard, go to Layout → Favicon → Edit. Choose your image and Save. Use a square image that's less than 100 KB.

How to turn off the Blogger Navbar:

Go to Layout → Navbar → Edit → Off. Save it.

How to use an image as Blog Header instead of title:

Go to Layout → Header → Edit → Image → Placement and select any of the three options: Behind title and description, Instead of title and description or Have a description placed after the image.

How to hide certain pages on the menu bar:

Go to Layout → Pages → Edit and put check-mark near to the page titles you want to appear on the menu bar. Click Save. (You can see the hidden pages by going to Dashboard → Pages)

How to change the default jump break text 'Read more »':

Go to Layout → Blog Posts → Edit and change the text next to the field 'Post page link text:'

Here's the best way for adding CSS on Blogger:

Go to Theme → Customise → Advanced → Add CSS. You will be able to see the newly added CSS above ]]></b:skin> in the Theme HTML.

How to set the background image as fixed so that only the contents will be scrolled:

Go to Theme → Customize → Background and uncheck 'scroll with page' and click Apply.

How to change the footer layout (single column/two column or three columns):

Go to Theme → Customise → Layout → Footer layout and select the one you prefer. Click Apply. You can also change the Body layout by going to Theme → Customise → Layout → Body layout.

How to set a default font for Blogger:

Go to Theme → Customise → Advanced → Page and select the font you want. You can also mention the font size and text color here.

How to apply a background-color for your Blog:

Go to Theme → Customise → Advanced → Page → Background Colour.

How to change the number of Posts on the main page:

Go to Layout → Blog Posts Gadget → Edit. Here you can select the no of posts or the no of days with posts.

How to showcase the images with Lightbox:

Go to Settings → Posts and comments → Showcase images with Lightbox → Yes (Images will open in an overlay on top of your blog. If your post has multiple images, they will appear as thumbnails along the bottom).

How to delete a Blog:

Go to Settings → Other → Delete Blog and delete your Blog. To delete a blog permanently, navigate to the deleted blogs section on your blogger dashboard and click Delete Permanently.

How to disable comments for certain pages or posts:

After composing the page or post, click the Post Settings on the right side. Click Options → Reader comments → Select Allow, Don't allow show existing or Don't allow hide existing

How to make your Blog private:

Go to Settings → Basic → Privacy → Edit. Select No for both 'Add your blog to our listings' and 'Let search engines find your blog'.

How to add Google Analytics Web Property ID:

Go to Settings → Other → Google Analytics. Copy-paste your Id in the column next to Analytics Web Property ID and click Save.

How to set an image as 404 page:

Go to Settings → Search preferences → Errors and redirections → Custom Page Not Found → Edit and copy paste the below code:

<style type="text/css" >
body { background: url ('#') no-repeat; }
.sidebar, footer, .content, .header {display:none;}

Replace '#' with the image link. Upload an image of size 1500x800.

How to set custom width for Footer:

Go to Theme → Edit HTML. Press Ctrl + F and search for Footer. Add the below commands and save the theme. (It is advised to take a back-up of the theme before editing the HTML. To take a back-up, click 'backup/Restore' on top right and download the theme.)

Footer {margin: 0 auto; width: 960px;}

How to hide Sidebar Gadget Titles:

Go to Layout and select the Gadget to which you want to hide the title. click the 'Edit' button on the bottom of the gadget. Delete the title and Save the gadget. Done!

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