27 Mar 2014

How to Add HubPages Widget to Blogger

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HubPages is your online space to share your advice, reviews, useful tips, opinions and insights with hundreds of other authors. I'm sure many of you have a HubPages account. Here I will explain how to add the HubPages widget to your Blog. 

1. Go to HubPages Banners and Badges pageClick Here. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a box with the title "Get a User Widget".

2. Type your Username in the box and click "Get Widget". Have a look at the below screenshot:

hubpages widget for blogger

3. You can adjust both the height and width of the widget. The recommended width is at least 110 pixels and height is at least 130 pixels.

4. Select the sorting of your Hubs. The default is Latest. You can change it to Hottest or Best as per your wish.

5. Now copy the HTML. (Place your cursor inside the box and simply click. The contents will be selected). Press Ctrl+C.

6. Go to your Blogger's Dashboard and click "Layout". Click "Add a Gadget". Here you will see a list of Blogger gadgets. Scroll down and select "HTML/Javascript". 

7. Paste the HTML inside the content box. (Press Ctrl+V to paste). You can put a title for the widget if you want. Now save the widget.

8. You can click and drag to rearrange gadgets. Once you are done, open your Blog and check the status!

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