27 Oct 2014

Having Trouble Verifying Your Blogger Blog on Pinterest?

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Have you got any error messages while verifying your Blogger blog on Pinterest?

I use Pinterest to bookmark, store and share my favorite images online. Some days ago, I tried to verify the ownership of my blog on Pinterest. Here are the steps I tried:

From your Pinterest page, click on Edit profile --> Website --> Verify Website.
In the next window, you will see the meta tag, which look like
<meta name="p:domain_verify" content="d567c3gga.."/>.
Open another tab/window on your browser and go to your Blog's Dashboard.
Navigate to Template and make sure to take a back up of your template.
Now click Edit HTML and press Ctrl +F to search for <head>.
Copy the meta tag and paste it under the <head> tag and save your template.
Now back to your Pinterest page and click on Complete Verification.

I did the above step, but, unfortunately, got an error message, "Trouble verifying your domain. Please try again later". I tried many times; still no go. Pinterest also give another method to verify your blog by uploading an HTML file to the server, but it's not possible for Blogger. One other method I tried is described below: (I saw this somewhere on Google)

Download the HTML verification file.
Create a new page on your blog with the same name as of the HTML file and select the HTML tab.
Open the HTML verification file with Notepad and copy the code.
Now paste the code on the new blog page and publish it.

However, I could see no change in the error message. Meanwhile, I found the following step on diyrickytlc1985.blogspot.in. Here the author advises that the meta tag should be added below the line <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/> and not under the <head>. But that also didn't help me.

I was so frustrated and decided to contact Pinterest supportGo There as a final step. Within 3-4 business days, I got reply from Pinterest that they have verified my blog from their end. When I checked my Pinterest page I saw the red check mark beside my blog name. Cheers!

verifying your Blogger blog on Pinterest

Please note that the above post is for Blogspot/Blogger blogs only.
Before contacting Pinterest help support, make sure that the meta tag is added below <head> on your Template.

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