1 Mar 2015

Things to Remember Before Taking Your Smart Phone to the Service Center

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Some time ago I got job in a mobile service center as a receptionist. My job is that, when a customer comes up with a complaint, take it to the engineers for technical verification. The engineers at first try to fix the issue with currently available resources, but most of the time, the issues might be causing due to defective parts. The defective part will be replaced within a particular time frame. The delay time depends on each brand; that can vary from seven to fifteen working days. For some brands, we should sent the phones to the head office for repair. Obviously, customers feel very uncomfortable when we inform this; unfortunately they don't have any other options (Only few brands have the option to provide spare phones to the customers).

You should know certain things before taking the phone to its service center:

  • Your handset's warranty is for one year. You will get six months warranty for Battery and Charger (Adapter with Data Cable), and three months for Earphone. You must bring the purchase bill to the service center and NOT the warranty card.
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  • You would not get warranty for water damage, voltage surge or physical damages. If you have taken insurance, you may have to pay rupees 600 as service charge. Also you will not get warranty if you have locked out by entering false security pins.
  • It is important to remove all your personal and confidential data from your phone before taking it to the service center. You can do a hard reset. Also remove SIM, SD Card, flip covers etc. Do not forget to take a back up of apps and other data; because a number of issues can be resolved with a software re-installation. 
  • You could get DOA (Dead on Arrival) replacement within 7 days from the date of purchase (except for software complaints).
  • According to the mobile companies, the replacement parts or handset may not be new but it will be in good working condition. The replacement parts or handset shall be warranted for the remaining period of the original product.
How to take Backup of important Data

1. You can transfer files like photos, videos and songs to an external memory card
2. Or to your PC by connecting the USB cable.
3. You can transfer files to another mobile, laptop or PC via Bluetooth
4. By Syncing with your mobile OS's cloud server, you can backup the Apps and Settings