May 03, 2015

Last Days of Akbar the Great

Emperor Akbar died at Agra of dysentery or acute diarrhea, after a long reign of forty-nine years. Do you know that the last days of the great king Akbar was so miserable and that he was in extreme agitation?

Akbar holding court during his final illness

Here is the description of Akbar given by his son Salim, afterwards Emperor Jahangir:

"In his august personal appearance he was of middle height, but inclining to be tall; he was of the hue of wheat; his eyes and eyebrows were black, and his complexion rather dark than fair; he was lion-bodied, with a broad chest, and his hands and arms long. On the left side of his nose he had a fleshy mole, very agreeable in appearance, of the size of half a pea. Those skilled in the science of physiognomy considered this mole a sign of great prosperity and exceeding good fortune. His august voice was very loud, and in speaking and explaining had a peculiar richness". 

Death of Akbar the Great (15th October, 1605):

Jahangir when he was young

Raja Man Singh took Khusrau with him and prepared boats to escape to Bengal. When Salim (Jahanagir) heard this, he sent one of his officers to bring Khusrau back and promised that no harm would happen to him. Next day when Raja Man Singh brought Khusrau to the Court, Salim treated him with great kindness and kissed his face. Thus began the reign of Nur-ud-din Muhammad Jahangir.


Takmila-i Akbar-nama by Inayatulla
Wikaya-i Asad Beg by Asad Beg

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