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2 Jun 2015

Two Impressive Widgets For Blogger: Bing Translator & DMCA Copyright Bar

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1. Bing Translator Widget

The Google Translator widget is one of Blogger's default widgets. You can add it to your blog by going to your blog's Dashboard --> Layout --> Add  a Gadget and choosing "Translate" from the list. Well, for Microsoft lovers, there is the Bing Translator Widget.

bing translator widget

Go to this linkBing Translator Widget. Select the color you want; Dark or Light. It will generate the code inside the box. Now open a new browser tab/window and go to your blog's Dashboard. Navigate to Layout and click Add a Gadget. Select HTML/Javascript and copy paste the code. Save the Gadget. 

configuring the bing translator widget

2. Free Copyright Bar from DMCA:

DMCA or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protection is not just for US based websites, but for websites all over the world. Apart from the website content protection badges, DMCA also offers a Copyright Bar, which you can place in the footer section of your blog. In order to add this widget to your blog, you may go to this linkCopyRightBar. On this page you can configure the widget. Enter your blog's name and url. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel, open a new browser window/tab and go your blog's Dashboard. Navigate to Layout and click Add a Gadget. Select HTML/Javascript and copy paste the code. Save the Gadget. Now drag the gadget into the footer section and Save the Arrangement. Done!

free copyright bar from dmca

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