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29 Jul 2015

A Boat Ride through the Backwaters of Alappuzha

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Last Sunday (29th July), we took a tour to Alappuzha, which is one of our nearby districts, and had a short boat ride through the mesmerizing backwaters. The backwaters of Alappuzha is one of the main tourist attractions in Kerala. Alappuzha or Alleppey, also known as the 'Venice of the East', was founded in 1782 by Raja Kesavadas, the Diwan of Travancore. The town has a beautiful beach and lighthouse. Kuttanadu, the rice bowl of Kerala, is located in Alappuzha. Alappuzha is also famous for the Snake Boat (Chundanvallam) Races (The Nehru Trophy Boat Race) held at the Punnamada Lake every year.

Houseboats or Kettuvallams in the backwaters are provided with all modern facilities like spacious living area, dining area, kitchen, bath attached bedrooms, T.V and sunbath deck. Even 8 bed room houseboats are available. These houseboats cruise through the Vembanad Lake and many others canals and lakes. During the boat ride, you can see the beautiful greenery, paddy fields, water birds, fish farms, temples, and can also experience the life of people living on the banks.

Beautiful houseboats
Luxury houseboats with 8 rooms
Nehru Pavilion
Beautiful waterbirds
We stopped at a restaurant where we had coconut water. I have enough heard about the pet eagle living there (the restaurant-owner's "pet") and was very excited to see it. The bird was sitting on a small branch tied to a coconut tree. Awesome bird! When you place your hands near the bird, it immediately perches there; it might climb from your hand and sits on your shoulder or even your head!

The pet Eagle


  1. Beautiful post Anjana :):)
    House boats are really looking good.

  2. Nice pictures of the boat ride Anjana. The eagle perched on the hand looks graceful.

  3. A beautiful experience for you. Great read.

  4. Hi Anjana
    Wonderful write up with beautiful pictures !!
    Reading this i would definatley visit backwaters some day
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a wonderful day ahead

  5. Beautiful post with awesome pictures to go with. :)

  6. Nice pics....bird seems to like being photographed..

  7. Nice post and Awesome photos.

  8. Boat experience of Alleppey is one of my best experience during my 4 Nights 5 Days Kerala Package Backwaters of kerala and rides in houseboats are breathtaking. You have shared a nice post :)