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2 Jan 2016

Shine or Spam?

On In


Are You Getting Spam Mails in the Inbox After Registering on Shine.com?

This post is about my personal experience with Shine.com. The creators of Shine.com claims that it is a job portal. Two days ago I got an SMS on my mobile that "Thank you for registering on Shine.com". I was wondering how is that possible without my knowledge! Later on that day, I also got an email on my Outlook regarding "Verify Email for your Shine.com". It was the same email address with which I have registered on Naukri and Monster. Sometime ago I have created an account on Shine, but for some reason I had deleted that account. I went to my Outlook and marked that mail as Junk. Soon it went to the Junk folder. I thought the issue is resolved. 

Yesterday I noticed that I have got three spam mails in the Outlook Inbox. I was afraid why Microsoft is delivering spam mails in the Inbox. I went to Outlook, opened each mail and moved it to Junk. I felt angry and frustrated when it repeated the same thing today; today also I got three spams in the Inbox. 

This issue has actually started after getting that email from Shine.com. I remembered that I had deactivated my account on Shine because of this very issue. I went to my Outlook's Junk folder, opened the Shine email and clicked on Verify Email Address. After verifying the email address, I changed my email address and phone number. I hope that the issue has been resolved.

shine or spam

Update (3rd Jan)

Today I didn't get any spam mails. 


  1. I had the same experience, despite having deleted my account with them :( Glad I'm not the only one facing this.

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  2. Hello Maam
    Firstly wishing you a very Happy New Year and a blessed 2016 ahead
    For unwanted mails there is an unsubscribe this mail Link with every spam mail just click it and ur done .. I hope this will help
    Reading ur blog after a very long time
    have a wonderful week ahead
    Bhavikk shah

    1. Hi Bhavikk, wish you the same!
      Thank you for your suggestion but here I mean the mails from unknown senders with attachments. There's no unsubscribe link in such mails...

    2. Hii For such just ignore and click delete .. thats what we can do
      Anyways just read ur article on first muslim king to marry hindu princess and was informative as expected... :) Thanks for sharing
      And wishing you a very wonderful and joyful week ahead :)

  3. Bhavik has given you the solution. Nevertheless you can expect phone calls from Shine once in a while and even emails... That's how they shine :)