Was Akbar the First Muslim King to Marry a Hindu Princess?

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Many people believe that Akbar (1556-1605) was the first Muslim ruler to marry a Hindu princess, but this is not true. Though many Muslim rulers had earlier married Hindu princesses, Akbar was the first to allow full religious freedom to his Hindu wives.

Was Raja Bharmal the First Rajput to Marry His Daughter to a Muslim?:

Wife of Akbar

Firuz Shah of Bahmani Sultanate (1397-1422) defeated Devaraya I of Vijayanagar (1406-1412) and demanded his daughter in marriage. The marriage was celebrated in great pomp. Sultan Alau'd-din Ahmad Shah II (1436-1458) of Bahmani Sultanate sent his minister Dilawar Khan to capture the country of Konkan. He defeated the Rajas of Rairee and Sokehr and took the daughter of Raja of Sokehr to the Sultan. The Sultan was charmed with the Raja's daughter, who was without equal in beauty, disposition and knowledge of music. He gave her the title of Perichehra.

When Sultan Muhammad Shah of Gujarat (1441-1451) attacked the Raja of Idar, the Rai offered his submission and sent his daughter to the Sultan. The Sultan was fascinated with her beauty and through her influence he restored the country of Idar to her father. 

Bubuji Khanum, queen of Yusuf Adil Shah
Sultan Muzaffar Shah II of Gujarat (1511-1526) was born to Rani Harbai, the daughter of the Tah Rana, a Rajput zamindar of Mahindri. Sultan Bahadur Shah (1526-1537) was the son of Sultan Muzaffar Shah II by Lakham Bai, who was the daughter of a Gohil Rajput. Sultan Muzaffar had also married Raj Bai, the sister of Mahipat Rana. 
Sultan Yusuf Adil Shah (1490-1510) was the founder of the Adil Shahi Dynasty of Bijapur. Mukund Rao, a Maratha chief, and his brother revolted against Yusuf Adil Shah during the first year of his reign. Yusuf Adil Shah defeated them and their families fell into his hands. Among these was Punji, the sister of Mukund Rao, whom Yusuf afterwards espoused, and gave her the title of Bubuji Khanum. By this princess, he had his son Ismail afterwards Sultan Ismail Adil Shah (1510-1534).


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  2. Most of the marriage was later turn into love
    For instance alauddin khilji fall in love wd kamala devi and gave her tittle of malika i Hindu
    Malik rajab wife bibi nahila too was rajab favourite queen

    1. fully agree. such love and devotion of hindu women still exists in our heart for the muslims.

  3. Muslim invader mewar ko nahi jeet sakhe aur nahi vivah kar sakhe unki daughter se.Kyukki mewar ka swabhiman bahut bada tha babba rawal ke samay se.jisne iran tak mewar ki patak fehrayi thi aur 200 dole muslim daughter ke apne saath laaye the. Mewar ke maharaja to bhagwan eklingnath hai. Rana to kewal diwan the to aise mein rana kyo jhukte muslim ke saame. Akbar na to great tha aur nahi hai aur nahi future mein rahegha.kyoki mahan to wo hote hai jo ranbhumi ladte hai. Maharana pratap ke kai baar bulane par bhi akbar haldighati ke yudh mein nahi aaya.kyoki usee dar tha ki mein yudh mein gaya to chahe jeet ho ya haar meri maut pakki hai. Kyoki mewari rajpoot bhughe shero ki tarah mujh par hamla karege.

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    2. Plz tell me you are joking Arvind... Akbar sent peace proposals but Pratap kept denying nicely. Had he challenged Akbar to war then, and if an angered Akbar proceeded to war, then Mewar and Pratap would have ceased to exist... After Haldighati, later that same year Akbar himself went to Mewar to attack it... But hearing of Akbar's arrival, Pratap fled (like usual)...

      You have a problem with Muslims bringing dolas of Hindu women to their capital, but no problem when Bappa Rawal (as you claim) did the same to Muslim women? What a hypocrite...

      As for Bappa Rawal... He did not bring Muslim women to Mewar. Instead, he moved west, converted to Islam and lived in the "Mleecha" lands after marrying these Muslim women. His progeny from these marriages formed the tribes of Naushahra Pathans...

      As for your Mewar rulings being Ekalingji... I can only laugh at you.

  4. such a black history of our country..division of cast and and hatred feeling among hindu written this.