December 09, 2017

History of the Imad Shahi Kings of Berar

Fathullah Imad Shah, founder of Imad Shahi dynasty of Berar

Fathullah Imad Shah was succeeded by his eldest son Ala-ud-din Imad Shah (1504-1530) in 1504. In 1528, Ismail Adil Shah gave his sister Khadija in marriage to Ala-ud-din. In 1518, disputes arose between Ala-ud-din and Burhan Nizam Shah regarding the town of Pathri, situated within the territory of Berar. Since the ancestors of the Nizam Shahi kings were natives of Pathri, Burhan Nizam Shah wanted to recover it, and requested Ala-ud-din to give up the district and receive in lieu of it another, yielding even a greater revenue. Since Ala-ud-din refused it, Burhan made a sudden march against Pathri, and carried it by assault. In 1527, Ala-ud-din at the instance of Ismail Adil Shah and Quli Qutub Shah, led an army against Pathri and recovered it, however, it was afterwards retaken by Burhan Nizam Shah. Burhan then captured Mahur and moved towards Ellichpur. Unable to cope singly with the Nizam Shahi troops, Imad Shah fled to Burhanpur, where he induced Miran Muhammad Shah, the ruler of Khandesh, to assist him. The allies marched against Burhan Nizam Shah; but suffered a total defeat; besides many places in Berar also fell into Burhan Nizam Shah's hands. The allies now applied to Bahadur Shah of Gujarat for assistance. Bahadur Shah reached Deccan and marched his forces towards Ahmednagar. Burhan at last sued for peace through Miran Muhammad Shah and Imad Shah, to whom he promised to return the forts and the elephants he had taken from them during the war. He acknowledged the suzerainty of the Sultan of Gujarat by agreeing to read the public prayers in his name. Burhan restored the elephants to Miran Muhammad Shah, but refused to restore Pathri and Mahur to the Imad Shah.

Darya Imad Shah (1530-1562), son of Ala-ud-din, gave his sister Rubia Sultana in marriage to Ibrahim Adil Shah in 1543. Darya assisted Hussein Nizam Shah to raise the siege when the allied armies of Ibrahim Adil Shah and Rama Raya laid siege to Solapur. When Ali Adil Shah made alliance with Rama Raya, Hussein made overtures to Darya Imad Shah and married his daughter Bibi Daulat. During the first siege of Ahmednagar by Rama Raya and Ali Adil Shah, Darya a sent a large force under his brave general Jahangir Khan to join Hussein Nizam Shah. When Hussein Nizam Shah sued for peace, one of the conditions of the peace treaty was the execution of Jahangir Khan.

Conquest of Berar by Ahmednagar (1574):

Tufal Khan, regent of Berar


The History of the Rise of Mahommedan Power in India By Ferishta, trans. by John Briggs

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