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I hope that you found this blog useful. This blog was created on 1st January, 2013. Thanks to Google for providing me such a wonderful platform.

About me

Main topics in this blog are listed below:

Indian History: You can learn some of the interesting events in Indian history here. I am mainly referring the book "The History of India, as Told by Its Own Historians. The Muhammadan Period" by H. M. Elliot, to write history posts. It is sad to say that there are not much historical records about the Hindu Rajputs.

Flower Pictures: Not just because I have a BSc in Botany, I am very much interested in gardening. Since my childhood I loved flowers and pets. We mainly have Coconut trees, Banana plants, Mango trees and Areca nut palms in our house compound. There are many garden plants too. I have shared some of my garden's pictures and I hope it could be useful for anyone interested in plants and wish to know their botanical names.

Blogger Tips: I have done a basic course in web designing. I have some tips for you to make your blogger blog load faster and to beautify it.

Photoshop Frames and Designs:

The frames are free to use, whether it's directly saved from the blog or downloaded from Google drive. If you need any of the Frames' high resolution files, I can provide you with the link.

This blog can be best viewed on Chrome. Have any suggestions or want to advertise here? Please feel free to contact me at anjanaparadise@gmail.com.

Images on this Blog:

All the images under the categories: Blogging, Designs, Miscellaneous and Flowers of Kerala belongs to me.

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A little about me: I was born in 1982. I live in Kerala, India. I do regularly update my blog. Thank you for visiting and check back often!