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Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags for Emporio Blogger Theme

Unlike other social media networks, Facebook has this special feature that it shows domain information and author name while sharing a blog post. In this post I am sharing the open graph meta tags for blogger Emporio theme.

Navigate to Blogger Dashboard - Theme - Edit HTML [It is always advised to take back up of the theme before making any edits]

Place the cursor inside the code and press Ctrl+F to search for <head>. Add the below codes after <head> and Save the theme.

<meta content='article' property='og:type'/>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.title' property='og:site_name'/>
<meta content='' property='article:publisher'/>
<meta content='url of your Facebook profile' property='article:author'/>
<meta content='Id of your page' property='fb:pages'/>

[For getting the Id of your page, go to the About section of your page]

You can test this on Fa…

How to Customise Author Name under Post Title in Emporio Theme

Emporio is a stunning theme from Blogger. In this post we can learn how to customise author name below post title in Emporio. First of all, click Settings - User Settings and select "User Profile". Since Google+ is going away, you can choose Blogger. By clicking the Edit button you will be redirected to another page where you can edit your Blogger author profile. Upload photo and type a Display name. After filling other details save your Profile.

In order to enable author name, access Blog Layout - Blog Posts Gadget and click Edit. Tick the small check box next to your Display name. You can type 'By' or 'Posted By" inside the box. click Save.

How to capitalize the author name:

By default Emporio displays author name in lower case. If you want to capitalize the first letter, you can do the following step:

Access Theme and click Edit HTML. Place the cursor inside the code and Press Ctrl+F to search for this code: You will see this code: .b…

How to add Multiple Authors to Blogger

When you create a blog, you will be the administrator of that blog. If you want to accept guest posts you can create an author account by giving him/her permission to create posts. Just go to the Blogger Dashboard, click Settings and select Basic. When you scroll to the bottom you can see a title Permissions. In the 'Blog Authors' section, click 'Add authors'. Type the e-mail address of the author and click Invite authors. You will see a pop up "invited" now.

The author you invited will receive an email with the subject "You have been invited to contribute to [Blog Title]". The author will need to sign in with a Google Account to accept the invitation. If the author doesn't have a Google Account he/she can create one Here. The Admin will also receive an email with the subject "Your invitation was accepted". The Admin can now see the guest author's email address listed in the 'Blog Authors' section.

When the guest author ac…

How to Add a Sticky Contact Form to Blogger

In this post we will see how to add a beautiful slide out contact from to your Blogspot blog. First of all, you need to add the default Contact form Gadget to the blog.

Blog Layout - Add a Gadget and choose Contact Form.

Now that you have added contact from to the blog. We can make it sticky with some CSS code. Click Add a Gadget and choose HTML/Javascript. Add the below code and click Save.

<div class="fixedtab righttab"><div class="tabcontent"><h3>Contact Me</h3>
.contact-form {width: 325px;text-align:left;padding: 15px;background-color: #eee!important;}
#ContactForm1_contact-form-name,#ContactForm1_contact-form-email,#ContactForm1_contact-form-subject, #ContactForm1_contact-form-email-message{display:block;width:305px;height: 24px;padding: 6px 10px;margin-bottom: 20px;font: 14px open sans;color: #333;background:#fff; border: #f0f8ff;}
#ContactForm1_contact-form-name:focus,#ContactForm1_contact-form-email:focus, #ContactForm…

For Your Fairy Princess - PNG Frames

Here are 5 beautiful frames for fairy princesses: Easter Beauty is ready to decorate your photos. Feel free to download. 
Download Frame Pack
You can also download an earlier version of this pack. See the preview below:
Download Old Version

Frame Cutouts

AKVIS ArtSuite is a great program for creating frames. It is available as standalone as well as Photoshop plugin. The standalone version includes beautiful hand painted frames too. Here are a few frames I created with ArtSuite Photoshop plugin. These are of .png format. You can download the zip file from Google Drive.
4 PNG Frames
Download This 3 PNG Frames
Download This 7 PNG Frames
Download This

Sticky Vertical Menu for Blogger

In this post I am sharing a beautiful sticky menu bar for your Blogspot blog. If you have already added Blogger's default menu bar [Pages Gadget] you can simply disable it by clicking on the Remove button. This is a vertical menu bar and adding it to your blog is very easy. Go to the Layout section of your blog and click Add a Gadget on the Sidebar area. Select HTML/Javascript and copy paste one of the below codes and click Save button:

Code for White:

<div class="menu"><ul><li><a href="Link1"><h3 class="title">Title1</h3><h4 class="description">description1</h4></a></li>
<li><a href="Link2"><h3 class="title">Title2</h3><h4 class="description">description2</h4></a></li>
<li><a href="Link3"><h3 class="title">Title3</h3><h4 class="description">descr…