Mughal Romance: Nur Jahan and Jahangir

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Man Bai, daughter of Raja Bhagwan Das of Amber, was the first and favorite wife of Jahangir. In 1605, she committed suicide due to some reasons. You might know how fortune favoured Sher Afgan's widow (Nur Jahan) to become the virtual ruler of the Mughal Empire during Jahangir's reign. You can read an outline of the story Here. With the exception of khutba (prayer for the reigning monarch), she possessed all privileges of a monarch. In a way Nur Jahan can be compared with Raziyya Sultan of Slave dynasty (the first female monarch of Hindustan), but Nur Jahan gain power only after her marriage with the Emperor.

Chand Sultana, the Warrior Queen of Ahmednagar

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Chand Bibi (The Lady Moon) was the daughter of Sultan Hussein Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar (in Maharashtra, India) and his wife Sultana Khanzada Humayun. She was married to Sultan Ali Adil Shah of Bijapur, when the four Deccan Sultans (Ali Adil Shah of Bijapur, Hussein Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar, Ibrahim Qutub Shah of Golconda and Ali Barid Shah of Bidar) had decided to unite against Rama Raya of Vijayanagara, during the Battle of Talikotta in 1565. In 1580, Sultan Ali Adil Shah was murdered by an eunuch; and since he had no sons, he was succeeded by his nephew Ibrahim Adil Shah II (1580-1626), a child of nine years. Chand Bibi became the regent during his minority from 1580 to 1584. When Khudija Sultana, sister of Ibrahim Adil Shah, was married to Miran Hussein, son of Murtaza Nizam Shah (the then ruler of Ahmednagar and brother of Chand Bibi), Chand Bibi also accompanied the bride to Ahmednagar, and remained there.

Animated CSS Menus for Blogger

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Today I have two types of animated menus for you with HTML and CSS. I'm sorry that I dont have a Demo to show you. Please note that this menu is not related to the Blogger's Page widget. Lets have a look at the steps: From your Blog's Dashboard, navigate to Layout. Click Add a Gadget and select HTML/Javascript from the list. Now copy paste one of the below codes. Replace the menu titles with your custom titles and Save the Gadget. Don't forget to replace "#" with your links. Once you have saved your gadget, drag it below the Header and Save the arrangement.

Curled Labels for Blogger with CSS3

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Here is a Labels widget for you with pretty curls on hover. Labels is one of Blogger's official and most important Gadgets. The basic script I got from Codrops. I did some customization and found that it will work best with the Labels Gadget (if the background is white). Without the use of Javascript or Jquery, you will get beautiful curls on hover. CSS3 animations are used here and this might not work with IE. Also there is no need of editing the template. Just follow the below steps:

Step I: Adding the Labels Widget to Your Blog

From your Blog's Dashboard, navigate to Layout --> Add a Gadget --> and select Labels from the list. Select Cloud display and Sorting by Frequency. Now Save the Gadget.

Colorful Sticky Social Media Bar for Blogger

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Here's a cool sticky social media bar for your blog with pure CSS3. No need of Javascript or Jquery. You can find two codes here: one for the colored and the other for black alone. Social media icons include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and RSS. From your Blog's Dashboard, navigate to Layout. Click Add a Gadget and select HTML/Javascript from the list. Now copy paste one of the below codes, replace "#" with your social media user names and Save the Gadget. Thats all! The bar will appear on the left side of your blog.

Sticky Social Media Bar for Blogger